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PT Elite UK was set up to support individuals that have a passion for health and fitness and through qualifying on our personal trainer course, help change the lives of others.

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You are in safe hands. With our bespoke ascension mentoring program, PT Elite UK are market leaders in driving a new wave of Personal Trainers in the Fitness industry.


This qualification is designed to train learners to a professionally competent level, enabling them to prescribe, plan and deliver safe and effective exercise programmes developing their skills knowledge to pursue a career in personal training.


There are no specific pre-requisite qualifications but some experience of gym-based exercises, including free weights, is highly recommended. The course requires physical exertion and individual participation is essential; therefore, a degree of physical fitness is necessary.

There is also an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading and writing) involved and learners should have basic skills in communication pitched at Level 2.


  Multiple Choice question paper


  Practical Observation

  Coursework/ portfolio of evidence

Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training Or Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training. You will learn..

  To recognise the major bones, muscles, cardiovascular-respiratory system, movement capability and energy systems relating to fitness and exercise.

  How to conduct fitness assessments for cardio-respiratory fitness, flexibility, blood pressure and body composition.

  How to plan and teach personalised fitness programmes.

  How to assess a clients starting and initiate SMART goals towards a fitness or physical activity training programme.

  How to create and review periodised training programmes around client’s needs and wants.

  How to understand and evaluate food labels towards client nutritional goals.

  How to engage and provide motivating exercise and fitness sessions.

PT Elite UK Level 2 and Level 3 courses are National Entry Level Qualifications:

  About the anatomy and physiology of the body about different fitness models and methods of training.

  How to design exercise programmes using free weights, body resistance and fixed resistance machines.

  How to plan, teach and evaluate warm ups and cool downs, cardio-respiratory and flexibility and core functional training programmes.

  How to ensure the health, safety and ethics of being a fitness instructor.


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PT Elite UK has become more and more popular and the gyms are looking for new PT’s all the time, in fact we have agreements in place with all the largest gym operators in the UK to offer all our students guaranteed interviews. Read more to Become A Personal Trainer In Essex


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Graduate students who have undergone our personal trainer course can boast as some of the finest fitness professionals working in the industry today, many of whom are also former sports stars.

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Career as a personal trainer is one of the most exciting things in Essex today. Life as a personal trainer is not only fulfilling but also has a vast potential reward. Men and women of all ages want to become trainers because of their passion for helping people achieve success. It can be a success with sports performance, prevent or manage a disease, weight loss, or recover from an injury. However, there are some few steps that you need to take to get certified as a personal trainer In Essex and here is an outline for what you will need to accomplish.

1.     Get certified

It’s crucial that you choose the right certification for your career goals before you can become a personal trainer in Essex. Most gym and fitness centers require their personal trainers to get certification from a reputable organization accredited by an independent third party like the NCCA. You do not need specific experience to get certified. All you need to do is to make sure that you pass the standard test that challenges your skill and knowledge on how to use training to keep people safe and achieve their goals.

2.     Find a gym

Once you become certified, it’s time to find a place to work.  Look at job listings around you, or pick up the phone and call few gym centers. If you’re a member of a gym in your area, let the management know that you’re interested in working with them as a personal trainer. You may also find a gym center, which allows independent contractors to rent time and use their facility.

3.     Choose a specialty

Personal training is a competitive business, and it is a good idea to specialize in some areas that match your skill sets, personal interests, and professional goals to help yourself stand out among others. With a specialty, you will have more fitness technique to offer your clients, and you can also charge a little more for your services.

4.     Invest in yourself

Continuous education is essential, not only for keeping your certification current but also to keep you up to date on modern fitness technology. Further investment in training courses allows you to work with different clients, and increase your earning potential.

5.     Get insured

You need public liability insurance before you can become a personal trainer in Essex most especially if you’re working for yourself. This insurance protects you from debt and covers you against any possible claims. You can check with your certifying body; they should offer insurance coverage. If you’re unhappy with the prices, shop around for a price and package that works best for you.

Becoming a certified personal trainer in Essex is easy after you’ve got your qualifications and sorted out your insurance. If you run your business, the sky is your limit as a personal trainer. To succeed, you will need to market yourself, decide what kind of clients you want to work with, and what kind of personal trainer you want to be.